I dream in cloud vision…

As my one month romp in Tejas comes to a close, I have no regrets. Sure, I haven’t written as much as I would have liked to, or perhaps should have given the pending THESIS (Ooooo…), but my soul has a little Band-aid on it. I revel in the energy that only comes from a month of hitting the gym and pretending like I don’t have friends.

Most of all, I’ve had the chance to think. To dream. My synapses are a cup runneth over.

The blank page should fear me.


Sodium and Bloodshed

Poor fella never had a chance...

After a long day of cooking, recovery comes in the form of watching five minutes of the Lone Star Showdown, my alma mater versus that other school in Texas with the ugly colors. We’re actually winning this season? I know, I’m shocked. Oh well.

Alas, there’s still work to be done. After we’ve put away the congealed cranberry and the delicious turkey sitting in its own fat, one must come back to the writing. ‘Tis the season for finishing 20-page non-fiction pieces, novel chapters, and screenplays. And, of course, one fears the thesis on the horizon. Oooooo…

T-minus four weeks ’till Tejas, ya’ll.