You say yes, I say no; You say stop –

Tightly wound.

It’s not the best way to spend two months, but rest assured, I’m beginning to free myself from the coil.┬áSpring Break had its promised effect. I frolicked and wandered. Drank pitchers of things. But then…

WTF, Albany?

And then the revolution started: Vive!

And I used my MFA-like prowess to help write some stuff: Whoa.

Believe it or not, I dabbled as quite the activist for a few days. I made signs. Walked miles in protest. Wrote impassioned nonsensical rambles via facebook. Referred to people as “the man.” But, as all good and crazy things…

I’ve settled down. My heart still beats in war chants, but my feet are planted in apathy. Instead, I dream of summer.

Painted toes and continually shaved legs. Writing what keeps me up at night. Big books and big umbrellas. Sand.

-and I say Hello.

Cooper's Beach, Southampton, NY. (Insert black people joke about not swimming here.)