Endorphins are the new black.

Today, I had my first legitimate workout in a month and I’m not feeling the pain as of yet. My body’s lack of immediate complaint keeps me hopefully. Somewhere, someplace, underneath the blubber coat, are muscles that remember thriving in the act of the burn. Joints that revel in tension, mid-grind. Fat cells looking for necessary release. I owe it to them, I guess, since they’ve put up with me as of late. Maintaining a regular workout schedule should do me a world of good, I’m sure…

Elle Woods: “Exercise gives you endorphinsEndorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”

Indeed, Elle Woods. Indeed.

I’ve got a few more days to endure here in our lovely lady of Southampton College, but I’ve already landed in the Cabo of the mind. Minus the tourists, of course. No celebutarts or celebutanks. Frosty drink with an umbrella in one hand, a lengthy novel in the other. Big hat to block the sun.

Tioman Island, really, but Cabo is full of lies anyway.