“And now for something completely different.”

My year of radical (selective?) honesty.

365 days.

365 posts.

365 anythings.



Because I believe in my making myself uncomfortable for the greater good. I don’t stand for much, at least not in the traditional sense that always seems to taste like integrity or some kind of fuck. But I do think finding catharsis in withholding has left me with pieces instead of fortification. And I’d like to think of myself as whole. Or at least weightless.

And sometimes, you do shit… just to do shit. But wouldn’t it be great if you turned out to be all right in the end? Better, even? That the shit led to a sum of all your pieces?

(I think I’m funny.)

Maybe we should think in dreams instead of resolutions. They’re both constructs, but I like how the former has bit of panache. Empire waists and sequins. I close my eyes and they’re still dancing. It is how I know that they are important.

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I dream in cloud vision…

As my one month romp in Tejas comes to a close, I have no regrets. Sure, I haven’t written as much as I would have liked to, or perhaps should have given the pending THESIS (Ooooo…), but my soul has a little Band-aid on it. I revel in the energy that only comes from a month of hitting the gym and pretending like I don’t have friends.

Most of all, I’ve had the chance to think. To dream. My synapses are a cup runneth over.

The blank page should fear me.