Stuff I Like.

Since I haven’t talked about myself nearly enough, I’ve decided to make a page dedicated to stuff I dig. If you dig, what I dig, maybe we can dig it together?


The A.V. Club – My dose of occasional snark on all things television, music, and film.

Mugglenet – Disclaimer: I once was a huge Harry Potter fan. Disclaimer 2: By “once was,” I mean to say that I still am. I own a wand for goodness sakes. I’m not ashamed. I can’t feel judgment on my own website. I am rubber. So there.

BookHampton – Best indie bookstore on Long Island. I also used to work there. I’m a little biased, but whatev.

NPR – ¬†Because CNN stopped making sense in ’05.

BBC News – See above.

The Oatmeal – More snark, particularly of the grammatical variety.

Jezebel – Celebrities, Sex, & Fashion with a feminist spin. Seems like an oxymoron, but it actually works almost never. I find many amusements (horrified and bemused) here.

This Week in Blackness – The world is mostly terrible, but these podcasters (specifically Elon James White) are not. Need a little real? I find it on the regular here.

Vulture – When A.V. Club is feeling a bit basic that day.

Tea & Breakfast – Part ratchetness, part truth — gets my day started sometimes.

The Black Box Writers Residency – I started a thing for undergraduates who write and read their stuff.

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