About Writing, Transposed.

Wow… I was one “not amused” fourth? grader. I think it’s the shirt. Definitely the shirt.

In August 2009, I made an epic move from Tejas (Texas for all you other folk), to New York to get my MFA degree. More often than not, I think of myself as disposed rather than transposed. You can chew on that. I had hoped to find optimism (HA!) in that state. Instead, I lost and found myself.

These days, post-grad and back in Lone Star State, I want to learn more about words. I’m trying. I want to not regret my decision to leave and make my African mother cry. What are my other goals? Finding zen? Myself? When I find out, I’ll call you.


Dig? Send a line to fsdavies at gmail dot com.


One thought on “About Writing, Transposed.

  1. I’m not sure if I knew you were in an MFA program. I’m entering one (Sarah Lawrence) in the fall. Hope to see you soon.

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