The Noise That Keeps Us Awake

Whoa! Two back to back posts. Only two more until I abandon this again for three months.

Random suggestions to write to: The SMiLE Sessions by The Beach Boys (Available for a gagillion dollars to own or free on Spotify)

It’s an odd set to listen to as background noise, but I find myself lured in by the romance. The idea of listening to a work in progress, reveling in the amount of piecemeal and perfection, tedious take after take. Making this album, striving for art, drove Brian Wilson cray cray. Or maybe it was the LSD. Or the undiagnosed schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Whatever. Even though it’s taken over forty years for the final product to see the light of day, that’s got to speak to idea of real dedication and perseverance, amirite?

Nanowrimo sentence of the day: “A month later it would only be the two of us, with our arms outstretched for something out of reach.”


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