Facts for June 19th 2011

1. I celebrated my 24th birthday on Friday, June 17th. It was the way you want to ring in a birthday. You wear a pretty dress. You have a quiet, but shenanigan-filled pub crawl, surrounded by good people and good booze. And if there be dancing, you move like you’re fluid. Like you’re freaking weightless.

2. I was born on June 18th, 1987 at 2pm. Somewhere in Houston, Texas. I came into the world with a sirens’ wail, my Mom said.

3. My father had a heart attack on the 18th. My brother tells me this via a series a text messages around 10am. Even though my Mom told him not to. Even though, my Mom called 8 that morning to sing me “Happy Birthday” per usual. Even though I thought the wavering in her voice came from me not being in Texas or me growing up or hell, me graduating from my Masters. Me, doing my own thing. I should have acknowledged the presence of we in her voice. I felt it.

4. Letting your friends take you to see Glee: Live on your birthday to distract you from the fact that your father had a heart attack, does in fact work. But it’s only temporary. And when Chris Colfer goes for that high note in “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” you have an odd sense of art imitating life.

5. Today is Father’s Day.


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