This Weekend, I…

…rode on a train, walked at least 20 blocks, had class overlooking 5th Avenue and a block away from The Museum Sex with one of the best writing professors in the world, navigated the “stellar” MTA subway system, drank for nearly 12 hours, hit on two bartenders, found a bed-bug free hotel for cheap on my iPhone four drinks in, got hit on by sketchy strangers from the Bronx, found a new favorite bar, rode in too many cabs,  made plans to “live with the witches and the gays” a.k.a. on the corner of Christopher St. and Waverly Place, had historical drinks in the Stonewall Inn, shimmied with the fabulous, rescued a gay, ate the worst pizza in the city, found the infamous Waffle Truck, cursed at people whilst trying to catch a cab in 20 degree weather, slept in hipster hell for seven hours, made enemies with my AMEX, got to Penn Station with six minutes to spare, and road on a train.

And Mom and Dad said I was up to no good. Pshaw.


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