Keeping Daddy off the bottle

Choosing a thesis advisor is what imagine choosing a baby sitter or daycare service must feel like for parents. Is this the one? Will my kid have any stranger danger moments? Can I trust that baby won’t stick its finger in the socket under your watch? Except my kid’s ruminated in my head for at least five or six years. No unpleasant births, thus far. But no sense of relief, either.

Mind you, I expect my advisor to put me through the paces. I need fire beneath my feet. (Fire is key.) When I’m in my headspace too long, I get lazy. Complacent. I had a professor say to me once that a good writer must learn to kill their little darlings, if need be. Exercise that writing muscle through pain. Though, I suspect homicidal tendencies coupled with writing might not make the best course of action.

I have a hint of what’s to come. And sometimes, a bad day might find its cure through opening up. Writing doesn’t have to be a lonely struggle.

“Sometimes, I feel like I’m in one of those scenes where the kid watches the daddy alcoholic take to the drink ,” a fellow cohort says. “To me, you’re like the kid that says, ‘Daddy, put down the bottle.'”

One must learn to straddle the dark places.


3 thoughts on “Keeping Daddy off the bottle

  1. Daddy thoroughly approves of this post, as well as the
    implications of straddling the dark places. I think you’ve made an
    excellent choice of advisor. She is savvy and will pull the DEEP
    EMOTIONS from you. Also, by the time you return to this snowy
    state, I’ll have a laptop again and we can be FRIENDS. CAPS LOCK

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