“And in the end, you find yourself.”

These days, it’s all about finding that former stride.

Paul says, “get back to where you once belong.” He’s a wise man, that Paul. Everyone heralds John, which is true and mostly deserving, but I like it when Paul has his moments. Goes beneath the boyish arrogance and saucy mouth and lets you see something that sparkles. Something that pings. Kind of like when they allowed George write a song or let Ringo speak.

It’s a declarative moment, really, to come out and say, “Hey self. You’ve wasted a least a month of your life, if not more. You used to rock. Now, what were we doing again?”

Inch by inch. Look at my sass. I’m getting there.

I think I have that hat.


One thought on ““And in the end, you find yourself.”

  1. I know what you mean…to be yourself is the greatest…what do you do when you lost the you you once knew (Thanks for that line, Pink btw)?

    They let Ringo speak?!?

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